Are we fighting a losing battle? A Young Doctor’s view.

It is no secret that as a society we are losing the fight against obesity and weight related illnesses.  You don’t need fancy statistics to realise this is a fact.  Simply walk outside, and look around.  Chances are the majority of the people you see are overweight.  This is despite the fact that we have a booming health and fitness industry whose sole job is to whip us all into shape.  So….for those of us battling to lose weight, are we simply wasting our time?

I asked a young doctor this exact question, and in short he told me Yes.  In his opinion, the majority of people that try and lose weight will fail in the long run, and probability dictates that they will gain even more weight with each attempt.  Not only that, but he believes the only successful method of controlling weight was through surgery.  He explained me that the main reason we are all so fat is simply because the amount of food available has never been so abundant.  As a species we are basically hard wired to consume, and for those of us trying to lose weight we are essentially fighting an encoded instruction in our DNA to eat.  This he explains is why we have overweight doctors and nurses.  Despite having years of formal training, and practical experience, even the most educated among us with respect to our health and well-being are losing the battle against obesity.  

Having lost a fair amount of weight, I asked him to explain my case, and many others. How did we lose the weight then?  And to sum it up nicely, he told me we were all basically out-liners.  In other words, the exception to the rule.

Now I for one don’t agree.  I like to think that we all have the ability to make positive changes in our lives.  However, I do admit my view is bias…..  

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