Why I Keep a Personal Diary

Writing is not my strongest suit, I’m more of a numbers person. But you don’t need to be a brilliant writer to keep a personal diary. The contents don’t need to make sense to anyone else, that’s the beauty in it.. It only has to convey meaning to you.

For me, the diary is less focused on the actual details of events, and more geared towards my state of mind, how I felt, and what was influencing my life the most at that time.  I find it gives me perspective more than anything else. A healthy reminder that life is all about the challenges you face and how you deal with them. You may not be able to control what life throws at you, but you certainly do have the power to control how you respond…. That’s what I believe anyway…

In short, for me keeping a diary is like taking a snapshot of who I am at that moment in time. Each entry is like a portal to who I was…. And sometimes it handy to see your current situation through the eyes of your old self…

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    1. Personally, I set myself a goal of running/walking at least 3km 5 days a week. With an aim of running about half of that distance. My intention is to slowly build up to the point where I can run the whole 3km, at which point I would move to 5km. I find this helps me ease into running longer distances without being too strenuous and uncomfortable, but also helps conditions and builds my cardio fitness.

      When I first started my biggest problem was finding a comfortable pace where I didn’t tire after the first 100m 😛 So if you can establish what that is, and try and run as far as you can with that pace. After u have built up some endurance (run 3-5km) then work on improving your speed.

      This sounds silly, but to motivate me to run, I have started using the “zombie run” app to track my runs to make like a game than a chore, and I’m writing these silly entries as one of the runners in the game as I complete each mission. I need to do this, just because I find running so tedious on its own, and have never really enjoyed it. However I am glad to say it is growing on me. Hope that’s helps and good luck 🙂

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