Food Prep – Where the battle is Won or Lost..

It’s approaching 3pm. I’ve been at this pivotal moment before… To do food prep or watch trashy youtube videos… The decision may seem insignificant now, but experience reminds me the repercussions of my choice could lead to victory, or my ultimate demise.

Several voices inside my head fight for control…contorting my ability to decipher fact, from wishful thinking…
“You can do it later”, one voice whispers sweetly into my ear…. It echoes through my mind….reinforcing itself with each iteration…. Ohhh how badly I want to give in to this temptress…..

But not today…. Today, my Will remains steady. My purpose clear. I shall complete my food prep for the week…… I breathe a sign of relief as another battle is won… N pray that one day, I can end this war…


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