3 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Oh the advertisement business. Junk food is a major money-making business, and obesity & junk-food related illnesses is an even bigger money-making business. In other words, fat & sugar are major money makers and it will probably never change. It’s all so annoying honestly.

  2. I agree that many businesses are out for themselves, not for the good of others. But I also am a huge believer that people need to take responsibility for their actions. While obesity rates are way too high, there are still plenty of people who bypass these ads (and their tasty, addictive food products) and make the smart choice. They take responsibility for their own health. So it can be done. It’s just a matter of willpower and desire on humans as a whole. Then if we stop responding and buying, the corporations will follow suit (I hope).

    1. I agree. Ultimately the choice is with the individual. I truly admire people who make the healthy and smart choices…. Im just concerned for everyone else. But I can hope one day they will too 🙂 fingers crossed.

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