Food for Thought

Let me start off by saying that I think the majority of food in moderation is OK.  The problem lies in the fact that as a society we are losing the ability to moderate our intake, and distinguish what foods we need to nourish ourselves.  To put it simply, we at eating too much junk food… Period.

So why is this the case?  I believe part of the reason is due to advertising.  Everywhere we look, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements promoting junk food.  I won’t name any specifically, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  The advertising has become so perverse and effective that you literally crave their product.

Yes, ultimately you decide what you want to eat on a daily basis, but when they have designed their advertising to exploit your insecurities and subconscious mind, I start to wonder if we really have that much of a choice at all.

Obesity rates all over the world are skyrocketing, and weight related deaths and diseases top the charts in almost every developed nation in the world.  I’m all for free enterprise, but its becoming increasingly clear that big businesses do not have a moral compass.  The majority do not care about society or the social good.  All they really care about is PROFITS.

Now I know some of you will say that its not the responsibility of businesses to care about the social good.  That’s the role of government.  Well to that I ask, what do we do when the government is no longer able to act freely? When corporations have infiltrated the ranks so deeply that our Governments are no longer serving for the good of the people.  They are serving the interest of BIG BUSINESSES.  Acting as mere puppets to the masters that helped put them there.

I know I sound frustrated, and truth be told I am.  You know why? Because I think we deserve better than to be treated like livestock.  As human beings we should not exist simply to help big corporations make fat profits.  We deserve fair advertising practices, that give us facts, instead of selling us false dreams and promises.  Our government’s are aware of the problem, and while there is a lot of talk, there is little lasting action..

So how do we force positive changes within our society and businesses?


Businesses are well verse in the language of money.  If you stop buying their garbage, they will (begrudgingly) stop producing it, in favour (hopefully) of something better.  Understand that when you pay for something, that is equivalent to voting for its existence.

Use your vote wisely…



  1. Oh the advertisement business. Junk food is a major money-making business, and obesity & junk-food related illnesses is an even bigger money-making business. In other words, fat & sugar are major money makers and it will probably never change. It’s all so annoying honestly.

  2. I agree that many businesses are out for themselves, not for the good of others. But I also am a huge believer that people need to take responsibility for their actions. While obesity rates are way too high, there are still plenty of people who bypass these ads (and their tasty, addictive food products) and make the smart choice. They take responsibility for their own health. So it can be done. It’s just a matter of willpower and desire on humans as a whole. Then if we stop responding and buying, the corporations will follow suit (I hope).

    1. I agree. Ultimately the choice is with the individual. I truly admire people who make the healthy and smart choices…. Im just concerned for everyone else. But I can hope one day they will too 🙂 fingers crossed.

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