Everyday Health Challenges – Hungry at Uni

I’m starting to feel hungry again, and I’ve already managed to deplete my pre-packed rations for uni. I have at least 4 hours to go before I can head on home and food choices on campus aren’t exactly complementary for the waistline.

At the moment, I’m weighing up whether I will be able to endure a 3h international finance lecture with the tummy grumbles. Experience tells me it will be tough. Maybe I should just take the hit and eat the rubbish they try and pass off as “healthy food” here on campus.

I don’t blame the uni for not providing better alternatives. It is a capitalist society after all, and sugar high, fat dense monstrosities sell well. Really well in fact, particularly when you tell the consumers they’re making a “healthy choice”.

Blah. I want to eat, but I know even the healthiest alternative I make will likely equal the calorie equivalent of a proper full sized meal…. I guess it serves me right for not planning properly. Oh well, live and learn I suppose. That is why I’m here at University after all. 😛

A Hungry Student..

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