New Year, Old Excuses

This is basically a rant, so my apologies in advance…..

Despite my better judgement, late last year I agreed to help a family member lose some weight.  I was hesitant to offer my help at first, not because I did not like them, but rather because I felt that my time and energy would be wasted on them.  I had lost count of how many times I had heard them make the pledge to get fit and healthy. There was always plenty of talk, but very little action.

It’s been almost 3 full months since I agreed to offer my assistance, and I am sad to say that I have spent more time talking to them on the phone about going to the gym and exercising, than actually carrying out said activity!  I know losing weight is hard, and I am trying to be understanding of her circumstances, but I honestly believe I have been more than accommodating.  I have cleared entire days off my calendar to work around her schedule, spent hours waiting at a gym of her choosing only to be stood up and left a little further out of pocket….

I never thought it would be so hard to motivate someone to achieve their own goal….

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  1. You can’t motivate someone to reach their own goal, that’s why it’s THEIR goal. THEY need to move their arse, and frankly when it’s costing you money it’s time to let them know. When they’re serious about it, and paying your entry fee, then they can come back for help.

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