Welcome to my little piece of Online Real Estate.

I originally started this website back in 2013 as an online record of my weight loss journey, but since then I have also branched out into writing about financial independence.  For the uninitiated, financial independence is achieving enough wealth so that you are able to live off it indefinitely without working.  For the majority of individuals, the easiest path to financial independence is simply learning to live well below your means, and saving the difference.  I am based in Australia, and as a country we are without a doubt one the wealthiest citizens of this planet.  While the living cost in Australia are high, so are our minimum wages, and a hard, honest working individual can carve out a comfortable life for themselves here in Australia.  Despite this, as a nation we are constantly complaining about not having enough.  This includes both those earning below the national average salary, and those far above it.

This website aims to document all of the things I have learned in my journey to live a happier and more fulfilling life.  I strongly believe learning how to manage one’s finance is an important step in this process.


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