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Everyday Life – Uni

It’s only week 3 of the semester and the amount of work I need to cover is astronomical. I’m not complaining though, because I voluntarily signed up to these classes knowing full well they were demanding. After working professionally for a bit you start to see uni in a completely different light. Instead of looking to get easy passes, you start to sniff out subjects that you honestly believe could be useful to your future career, or genuinely sparks your interest.

Although I find it stressful at times, I always remind myself that to improve I must constantly challenge myself both mentally and physically. The pain and headaches that come with training and learning are simply part of this process. As they say, there’s no point learning something you’ll already mastered.


How my View of WordPress has Change

I originally started this website as an online diary of my thoughts and opinions, and to this day this is still the primary objective of my site. But in the last two weeks I’ve come to realize that WordPress is much more than a simple historian of the thoughts I wish to share. Much more. I now realize that when I signed up, I signed up to more than just a free website, I was signing up to a community.

At a click of a button I had joined one of the largest and most diverse online communities in existence today. Its rather magically when you think about it :P. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of individuals all around the world are posting little snapshots of their life and experiences for the world to see.  In essence, helping paint a more complete picture of the world with each new post.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that although I came for the free website, I stay for the people, and the opportunity to share in their experience as they journey through this wonderful thing we call life.

photo credit: Eric M Martin via photopin cc

Fighting Change

For the vast majority of us, there is something about our lives that we would like to change. But often, we feel as though it is beyond our control to make it happen. This gets progressively worst as we grow older, not because we have become less malleable, but rather the external influences which helped us to change previously are no longer as strong (eg. Our parents and teachers).

In short, we become comfortable, often at the detriment of our long term happiness and development. A close friend of mine recently disclosed that she wanted to leave her job, quoting poor job satisfaction as the biggest culprit. For me the solution seemed straightforward, simply resign and find a new job.

Yet for her the hurdle to get to that solution was much higher. Something was holding her back from taking that simple step. And that was fear. Fear of what people would think of her being unemployed, their judgement of her, and the uncertainty of what lay ahead should she decide to resign. A raging battle waged inside her head whether to continue on a path she knew and hated, or to take one which she did not know. We all face such dilemmas in our lives, and sadly I would say the majority of us choose the path we know and hate.

I feel this is because it allows us to avoid much more difficult questions to answer.

Now, I am not advocating that people make rash decisions, but rather to have the courage to take the simple step to change.. As painful as it may be, the personal growth that can result from all that pain more than pays off for it.

I know for me, it was a dramatic change in my life which prompted me for this eternal quest for a stronger, healthier and happier me, and there is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful that it happened.

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