Stronger Beings

Welcome to my little piece of Online Real Estate.

I originally started this website back in 2013 as an online record of my weight loss journey, but since then it has evolved into an outlet for me to write about whatever interest me at the time.  There are a few categories that I do particularly enjoy, and they are broadly grouped into the following Sub-Headings on my Website.

Weight Loss Diaries:  This is where I essentially documents my experience with my own weight loss journey, and my opinion on related topics such as health and fitness, strength/cardio training, and the physiological aspect of change.

Share Market Gossip: At present, I am a commerce student, so I am naturally interested in all topics money.  Particularly the share market, corporate takeovers, and the multi-billion dollar scandals which enviable happen due to good old human nature 🙂

First World Problems: All things politics, and problems that only those in the first world have the luxury of bitching about.

Thanks again for visiting, no matter how brief, and remember these are just my opinion, I mean no intentional offense 🙂

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